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The Sew Fab Pattern Bundle is back!

First off, hello! It’s awesome having you here. This is the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle! It’s the biggest PDF Pattern Sale on the Internet. Sales happen every 6 months or more often, once we get this ball rolling.

We’re back and bigger than ever!

We already have some excellent designers working behind the scenes on the next bundle for you. Psst….it’s going to be awesome. I’m staring at the patterns on the moodboard right now. You’re really going to love them.

Thanks to all of you that patiently waited for the bundle to come back. We can’t wait to bring you more designers and more patterns this year!

If you’re wondering how it works, well here’s a little behind the scenes for you…

First, the designers send pitches for the next Sew Fab Pattern Bundle. We check out their previous patterns to see what kind of features they include for you, and gauge quality.

Once we get the pitches, we spend some time and pick an assortment of patterns that we think you’ll love to sew up. We let the designers know if their pitch was chosen.

sew fab patterns designing

Next, we gather all of the chosen designers together and we start working on our patterns. While they’re designing and testing patterns, our admin works behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.

Our admin reaches out to and picks sewing bloggers to participate in blog tours. She also narrows it down to a handful of sewists for our sewing ambassadors. (To apply to be a sewing ambassador, check out the application on our INFO page)

Our admin also works on promotional material, the newsletter, website, social pages, collaborates with sponsors, etc. She’s the little hamster running in the wheel. Don’t worry, she takes water and food breaks. 😉

Our bloggers and ambassadors sew the patterns up, after they’re all tested. And we get to share those pics with you before and during the sale.

All of the patterns are loaded into the shop, and we let you know when that bundle goes live.

You add all the patterns you want and get big ol’ discounts on them.

sew fab dance party

Sew Fab Pattern Bundle Dance Party!

We hold a mandatory dance party because we’re finished with this Sew Fab Pattern Bundle and we’re so happy to get it out to you.

Rinse, and repeat for the next bundle.

We post often on our Facebook page, if you want to see the patterns as soon as we release tester images. Follow along, and bring a friend along!

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  1. Caroline Stedman says:

    I am hoping you will include Plus Sizes in your collections please

  2. I love the blog layout, is it a custom one or a premade one?

    1. Sew Fab Patterns says:

      We had our webmaster make it custom for us. Thank you!

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