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The Bucket Bag- Reviewed by Fenna

One of my boys has been asking me for a bag to carry his Bible, pencils and other ‘treasures’ that he takes to Church. When the Bucket Bag came across my screen, I knew that it would be a neat bag for him.

The Bucket Bag has pockets, it’s wide open so it’ll be easy for him to find his stuff, and in the right fabric it looks cool enough for a boy.

Cool enough for boys!

One modification I made when sewing the Bucket Bag is that I stitched a few extra lines on the pocket to add a pencil pocket and a thicker pen pocket. This way my son can organize his stuff in the Bucket Bag a bit better as well.

I also didn’t use the leather strap and cording the Bucket Bag pattern called for. Instead, I used some wider webbing I had on hand, cut it shorter than listed as it is meant for a small 7-year old boy, and sewed it in as directed. The cording I used is polyester cording with a plastic cord-stop.

As I had a draft of the Bucket Bag pattern, the outer side pattern pieces were an inch short (and I should have checked as the measurements are listed!) so I added some of the lining fabric to the outer as a color block. My son was thrilled that there was now camo fabric on the outside of his Bucket Bag, not just the inside!

I used an upcycled denim for the outer and a stiffer camo canvas-type fabric for the lining of the Bucket Bag so I did not use any interfacing as called for. It still stands up quite well. I do prefer the look of it open as opposed to closed. If you would use a stiffer interfacing and leave off the strap, grommets, and cording, it would probably work really well as a fabric basket as well!

Could make this for fabric baskets

I really like how the top lining piece is a separate piece–it ties the inside and outside together really well if you use the same fabric for the outer.

Overall I’m quite pleased with the Bucket Bag and my son is too–he has it all packed up and ready to go to Church.

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  1. I love how you used repurposed jeans for this!

  2. Great line up. We will be linking to this great article on our site. Keep up the good writing.

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