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The Bucket Bag- Reviewed by Ari

The Bucket Bag pattern (by Gingercake) was the first pattern in the bundle that i had to have. I don’t know what it is about bucket bags but I absolutely adore them! They’re so cute and they carry literally everything without being humoungous. Instead of doing a straight up bucket bag from the pattern, i modified it very slightly and made a reversible one!

i had leftovers of some ellie whittaker fabric and decided to use it for a bucket bag, and for the lining i used leftovers from the leopard print i used for my Wrap Top Review and the pants to go with my Clara Wrap Top (also in the bundle!). I wanted it to be a little matchy-matchy, you know? I used a red drill for the top of the ‘lining’ to make it pop!

some tips on making a double bucket bag!

I cut out two of each of the outside pieces, one in the ellie whittaker fabric and the other out of clear plastic and sewed them up individually. With the plastic i trimmed the seam allowances close to the stitching so it would be this big flappy part on the inside, but not too close because i know plastic likes to stretch a little and i wanted to avoid any tearing.

i sewed up the fabric parts of the bag following the instructions, omitting the strap. I cut the strap out of plastic and just attached it to the plastic bucket shell instead. I think next time i might just do it out of fabric and attach it to the inner bag? I’m not sure if it would be better but i think either way looks pretty great!

Originally i did eyelets just on the inner bag, but it just didn’t look right so i added eyelets to the plastic shell as well  and threaded some turquoise cord through them. I couldn’t find any cord pulls at spotlight (one of our two main fabric stores) that really fit with the aesthetic so i made my own out of polymer clay! I almost burned it, so it’s a little darker than i wanted it to be, but i do love how chunky and arty it looks!

to make the bag reversible you do have to undo the entire cord and flip the bag the other side out and then put the cord through again, but really it only takes a hot minute and i absolutely love that i have two very different looking bags (probably three if i just used the plastic shell alone)!

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