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Sophie Wrap Dress- Reviewed by Narelle

A well-fitting dress that skims and hugs in the right places can totally change your mood. The Sophie Wrap Dress is the latest sewing pattern for women by Frocks and Frolics. It’s a faux wrap dress with half-circle, but how does it make me feel?

I seriously think this should be called the “I Feel Pretty” Dress. Putting on this dress makes me feel like Amy Schumer after she hit her head in that movie. I just feel amazing!

I’ve wanted to make a wrap dress for ages, but I’ve had stuck in my head that fitting patterns to my body is difficult. It’s so much easier to sew for my daughter.

What have I been waiting for?

Maybe it’s the horror of sewing with the Big 4 paper patterns, when I first got into sewing. (Why in the world do those patterns have so much ease!) Maybe it’s because of the times I didn’t understand my body shape, so sewed up styles that were just never going to work for me. (Have your ever sewn something, just to put it straight into the charity bin?)


Since I’m in stash-busting mode, I found a mid-weight stretch fabric with a peach geometric print. This is a mystery fabric – no idea when or where I bought it, no idea what fabric it is, but I’m guessing it’s a scuba knit. It has that slightly puffy feel to it.

The fabric doesn’t have a huge amount of stretch, but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. I used a coordinating jersey for the binding

My sizing was all over the place on the size charts – between 4 and 6 for the bust, 6 in the waist and 12 in the hips. Since the skirt is a half-circle, I ignored the hip measurement (especially because the widest part of my hips is a fair way down). The pattern has negative ease on the bodice (ie it’s designed to stretch and be very fitted), so I decided to go with a straight size 6, adding a bit of length to the skirt.

The bodice of the Sophie Wrap Dress fits me like a glove and the skirt just skims over that bit of my belly that says I’ve had two kids. It is so flattering!

The half circle is fun to twirl in with fear of having my knickers (or cellulite!) on display.

And made from knit fabric, it’s also super comfortable. I can see myself wearing this dress everywhere – on the school run, into the office (if I went to an office), date night.

It’s a quick sew, suitable for a confident beginner – and you get access to an online video course with the patterns, if you need a bit more help. The only problem I had was slightly stretching the front when attaching the binding. I changed from a stretch stitch to a long straight stitch and that worked better.

So why not make yourself feel pretty, and pick up the Sophie Wrap Dress in the Sew Fab pattern bundle!

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  1. You look amazing! I love this dress, but didn’t sew it up because I normally look bad in dresses because my belly sticks out. But seeing this makes me think that I should go for it anyway! 🙂 Lisa

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