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Skiff Tee- Reviewed by Angie

Skiff Tee Review

My daughter has her fair share of t-shirts (especially since she can only wear them in the summer and on weekends since her school has a dress code), but that doesn’t stop me from making her more! Enter, the Skiff Tee from Jennuine Designs.  It has the comfort of a regular t-shirt but with a fun color-blocking element to it.

Pattern Info

This pattern is for ages newborn all the way up to 12. It’s also offered with short sleeves or long sleeves, with or without a tiny pocket, and with or without side vents. It also has a non-color blocked option. Also, included with the Sew Fab bundle is the dress option, with a super cute drawstring waist.

I chose to do the color-blocked option, short sleeves without a pocket and with side vents. I made this for my 4th grader, and like most patterns I make, I had to blend sizes.  She is skinny but average height, so I made a size 7 with 8 height. With the layers option, this was easy to do. 

Despite the color-blocking, it was an incredibly easy sew.  I will be honest, I was intimidated by all the different pattern pieces and kept putting off sewing it up.  But once I sat down and read through the instructions, my fears were put to ease.  

Fabric Suggestions

For my daughter’s shirt, the floral is from Knitpop and the white cotton lycra is from Made of Love.  Because of the color-blocking, this shirt is a great use of fabric from scrap boxes (which I know that both of these companies offer, as well as I’m sure other fabric companies do as well).  Or perhaps you have a small piece of fabric that you just don’t know what to do with, and can’t bear to part with it yet. This would be a great use of it because only a small piece is needed for the sleeves and neckline.

Who is this pattern perfect for?

This pattern is perfect for any child that fits this size range.  I love patterns that I can use for all of my kids. Talk about getting your money’s worth! There are a lot of tester photos on the designers website if you want to see more versions: 

You get the Skiff tee and dress bundle in the Summer Sew Fab bundle!!


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