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Simple Leggings by Cucicucicoo- Review by Angie

Both the women’s and girls leggings pattern is included with the bundle.  I am in desperate need of some new leggings, so I made some for me for a self-care sew using DBP (double-brushed poly) from Made of Love Fabrics.  

yoga waistband simple leggings

Pattern Info

There are three length options included with the pattern, but I am always cold so the long length works best for me.  The pattern is drafted for different heights or each size (for example, size 0 is drafted for a height of 30 ¼” from natural waist to floor, and size 18 is drafted for a height of 41 ½” from natural waist to floor). For my size 6, it is for a height of 40” from waist to floor, and my measurement was 38”, so I had to take out one inch at the lengthen/shorten line.  

The girls pattern is for sizes 2 through 14, and the women’s pattern is for sizes 0 through 18.  Layers are also an option, making blending sizes a breeze. Both patterns include a high rise and low rise option. The waistband is constructed by using elastic, but I prefer yoga waistbands because I like that they hold everything in.  So I decided to modify my pair to have a yoga waistband. 

Yoga Waistband Tutorial

how to make a yoga waistband

This tutorial is for the women’s leggings, but can be adjusted where appropriate to work for the girls leggings also.  For me, the pattern’s high rise waistband hits at my natural waist (but this measurement is different for everyone, so compare the pattern to your own body).  Since this is where I prefer my leggings waistbands to hit, I took off two inches below the low waist line, which is a 4 inch difference. Now, since this is a curved line, you can’t just cut two inches off straight across.  I measure in one inch increments with my ruler so that the line is gradual. I’m sure there are easier ways to measure, but this works for me. 

size of the yoga waistband

To have the waistband hit at my natural waist, that means I need the band to be 4 inches tall. You obviously don’t have to make yours 4 inches; it can be whatever height you want!  But that measurement needs to be doubled because you have to fold it in half when you attach it to the leggings. And then I measured an extra half inch to account for the ¼” seam allowance I was going to use to.  You can choose whatever seam allowance you want, but I like ¼”. Keep in mind that this is a different seam allowance than what is included in the pattern, which is ⅜”. 

how to sew a yoga waistband together

Since my DBP is so stretchy and has good recovery, I chose the waistband measurement to be 2” less than my measurement.  So you take your height measurement (doubled) by your waist measurement [with an inch or two (or more if you are using fabric with 75% or more stretch) subtracted from it].  You then sew the two short sides together.

divide waistband with clips to make it easier

After sewing the sides together, fold the band in half and mark it in quarters (I like to use clips for this).  You will notice that it’s smaller than the opening for the leggings. That’s ok! That is exactly what we want, so that the leggings stay up and don’t fall down.

using clips to attach a waistband to the leggings

Mark the leggings opening in quarters, just like you did for the band.  Slide the band over the leggings, matching up the markings, and sew the raw edges together.   Then you are done! You have a finished pair of leggings with a yoga waistband! 

This pattern is included in the Summer ’19 Sew Fab Bundle, which you can get in the shop for a limited time!

finished yoga waistband on simple leggings
simple leggings pattern


Is the awesome sewist for Sparta Sewn, and has worked with many designers. Angie is also a valued team member of Golden Rippy, they would be lost without her. You can see her amazing creations all over Facebook. Go follow Angie on Instagram!

simple leggings pattern review by angie for sew fab patterns

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