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Sea Snuggler Blanket Review- by Narelle

Every girl needs a mermaid blanket. The Sea Snuggler Mermaid Blanket from Cucicucicoo is perfect for mermaids of all ages, from kids size 2 to adult size 18.

girl resting in sea snuggler blanket

In winter, my family loves to snuggle on the sofa in front of the TV. My husband snuggles under a blanket that his grandmother crocheted. I have my own crocheted blankie, and the two kids try desperately to steal a corner of our blankets (or the whole thing!).

To fix the problem, I started crocheting a blanket for my son (the older child), but I’m an incredibly slow crocheter. I’m hoping I’ll have my 10-year-old son’s blanket done before he leaves home, but no promises!

So that leaves my poor 8-year-old daughter with no hope of getting her own blankie any time soon. Thankfully, I can sew much faster than I can crochet. My daughter loves all things fairytale, so a mermaid blanket is just perfect for her.

sea snuggler blanket and ariel

Thanks to the huge size range of the Sea Snuggler Mermaid Blanket, I can sew her a snuggly and gorgeous blanket to tide her hover (pun intended) until I can start a crochet one for her!

mermaid scale fabric

The outer fabric is a hologram mermaid scale spandex, that I had leftover from a Little Mermaid Costume. I have no idea why I had so much leftover fabric! I could only get the front and fins out of my remnants, but I managed to piece three larger scrap pieces together to make the back. It’s hard to spot in amongst the print though.

inside of sea snuggler blanket

While the mermaid tail is made to be reversible, I wanted the inside to be super-snuggly. I had an enormous amount of blue fleece, that I picked up on Freecycle many years ago. I used the fleece inside out, so the fluffy side was on the right side. 

girl in sea snuggler blanket by pool

The Sea Snuggler Mermaid Blanket is a fairly simple sewing project, suitable for a confident beginner. It requires sewing curves and a little bit of hand-sewing. The directions are straight-forward and easy to follow.

The big size range means it’s perfect for anyone who wants to be a snuggly mermaid.

dog snuggling the mermaid blanket

And it seems even the dog wants to be a mermaid!

You can get this pattern as part of the Summer Sew Fab Bundle!


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sea snuggler mermaid blanket reviewed by narelle

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