Meet Jenn from Jennuine Design

If you haven’t met Jenn, you’re in for a real treat. It’s been fun getting to see her personality shine while we worked together on this bundle. I can’t wait for all of you to learn more about her too! She has the cutest girl patterns too! Without giving away too much…. it’s time to meet Jenn!

Jennifer DeShazer is the designer for Jennuine Design

jennuine desk

Jenn, what’s the best advice you ever received?

Probably ‘measure twice, cut once’.  I heard that a lot growing up, probably because my Dad was a home builder.

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

Take a pause and determine if there’s something in the critique that rings true.  If there’s something that can be improved, do it.  If it’s untrue, or not feasible, either set it aside for future consideration or discard it.  Criticism is usually an opportunity to do better.

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

There are many people who inspire me.  Lauren Dahl of Pattern Workshop has been the most influential in what I’m doing now, because she provided the tools I needed to be able to make the patterns in my head available to the sewing community.

What is still your biggest challenge?

I swing between getting super absorbed in what I’m working on to being utterly distractible.  Staying on task when I’m in squirrel mode is a challenge.

What are your favorite books or magazines on sewing?

Helen Joseph Armstrong’s Patternmaking for Fashion Design is an amazing resource.  I also love browsing through Burda or Ottobre magazines, and Japanese sewing books.

How do you balance work and family demands?

Sometimes it’s a little like whack-a-mole; whatever is most urgent gets my attention until something else pops up.  I’ll admit I’m not always the best planner – I admire those parents who have meals planned for the week/month ahead.  I’m usually making a decision about what to make at about 5:30 when I realize I’m hungry.

Where and how do you work best?

I work best in my home studio, with a podcast or Pandora radio playing.  Right now my studio is in the dining room and spilling over to the kitchen island for cutting.  We had a flood in our basement last summer and we’re just now wrapping up the remediation and construction that included a new laundry room and half bathroom.  Most of my studio including my cutting table and machines when they’re not in use are currently stored in the garage.   I should be back into my official studio in a month or so, and it will be much better than before!

jennuine designs desk

How do you structure your days?

Most weekdays I walk my two daughters to school, come home and do a short workout.  While I cool down, I catch up on e-mails and social media.  Then I work on patterns, sewing, or photographs until it’s time to pick them up from school.  If I’m under a deadline I might continue once homework is settled and/or after the girls are in bed.

What tools do you find indispensable when sewing?

Rotary cutter, hem gauge, pins/clips, fast turners, and an iron!

Jenn’s desk

What would you have done differently when you first started sewing if you knew then what you know now?

Hmm, the only things I think I really do differently now is using pattern weights and rotary cutter to cut instead of pinning the pattern pieces to fabric like my Mom and Home Ec teachers taught me.  That’s really just evolving practices; there’s nothing wrong with the way I learned.

What’s next for you? 

As soon as I finish my pattern for this collection I have some sewing projects for myself and my family that I want to wrap up, and another pattern for Jennuine Design is in the works!

jenn from jennuine designs

Thanks Jenn for letting us get to know you! We’re excited to see more patterns from you, and hope to see you in a future bundle!

You can check out Jenn’s blog and shop here. She has some really adorable patterns in the shop, check them out!

We’re having a BIG giveaway on Friday when the bundle drops, look for that post. 😉

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