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Maldive Swimsuit- Reviewed by Angie

Okay, okay, I know it’s only April and some of you are still wearing sweatshirts (raises hand), but it’s never too early to think about swimsuit season. Woohoo!  Swimsuits are not as quick as leggings, but they are not a long sew either. My swimsuit only took me 3 hours total over 3 days, not including printing and cutting out the pattern and fabric.  So it is definitely doable and something you shouldn’t be scared to try. The only way to get over your fear is to just jump right in, right? Well, unless it’s spiders…I do NOT recommend jumping into a pit of spiders. In fact, run far, far away!

Pattern Info

I made the Maldives Swimsuit from Golden Rippy for myself. Yay for a selfish sew! I love to make my daughters’ swimsuits every year (sometimes 2 or 3 for a season), but I’m usually stuck with the same swimsuit I’ve had for a few years now. I live in Wisconsin, so our summer is quite short, and by the time I have a chance to make a swimsuit for myself, the season is already at least half over.  But now I am one step ahead and am ready for June! I can even pair it with the Bucket Bag and Sophia Faux Wrap Dress, both found in the Sew Fab Bundle, and I’m ready for a day at the pool or beach.

Now, this swimsuit is meant to be a little bit cheeky, but because it’s not a RTW swimsuit, you won’t feel like you have to hide in the corner and keep adjusting it.  It’s actually quite comfortable and I didn’t need to adjust it at all when I was walking around in it. The neckline is lower, but it is super easy to adjust if you want a higher (or even lower) neckline.  The straps in the back are very flattering and my favorite feature. It doesn’t come in layers, but does include sizes xxs-xxxl. I had to grade mine at the hips, and I found it to be quite easy to do.

Tips for making the Maldives Swimsuit

Now, you are not required to line your swimsuit if you don’t want to, but I prefer it just for my peace of mind.  Now, with that said, you would think I would have an abundance of swimsuit lining material to go with my abundance of swimsuit fabric that I “collect”. However, that is not the case.  I did not want to go back to the fabric store, so I ended up just lining it with thin swimsuit fabric. Definitely not professional looking by any means, but it does the job!

In the tutorial, it is instructed to cut out the lining fabric behind the bra cups.  I am here to tell you DO IT! It makes a big difference in how it fits and feels! I don’t feel as squished in. It is worth the extra step, even if you think it’s unnecessary (like I did at first).  And while it is suggested to outline it with lace, it is definitely not required because it’s still just as functional without lace. It just might get a little itchy and not look as pretty…but for me with my swimsuit “lining”, pretty went out the window long before I got to this step!

Kenzey in the testing group had a great tip to label your elastic, so I, of course, had to copy that idea.  Doing that for this pattern is especially helpful because there are quite a few different elastic lengths you need. Seriously, sometimes it’s the tip that you think is so simple and think everyone already does, is the tip that is the most helpful.  So don’t ever hesitate to toss those ideas out there to other people because you never know who hasn’t seen them yet!

Dream Fabric

The fabric I used for my suit is just basic swimwear from Joann Fabrics, but I think this suit would look so awesome in the Palm Hexis from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.  Not only do I love the colors in the fabric, but it has 50+ UV protection.  And bonus, if you sign up for the giveaway, they are giving away a $50 gift certificate to their shop!  That will supply you with a lot of fabric!

You can get the pattern in the Spring ’19 Bundle. And don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win fabric you can use to sew up your bundle, more details here.

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Is the awesome sewist for Sparta Sewn, and has worked with many designers. Angie is also a valued team member of Golden Rippy, they would be lost without her. You can see her amazing creations all over Facebook. Go follow Angie on Instagram!

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