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Magnolia Blossom Dress- Reviewed by Fenna

magnolia blossom dress review

I had such a hard time picking fabric for the Magnolia Blossom Dress! The main fabric was easy to choose, but as is often the case, I had just donated a piece of fabric that would have been perfect for the flounce. And, my sewing room is still quite chaotic from the move so it took a while to find a fabric that would be a good fit.

Both my daughter and I were thrilled to come upon this hot pink sweater knit that has been in my stash for years. It worked really well for the Magnolia Blossom Dress as it has good drape, even though it’s not as lightweight as the pattern suggests.

The Magnolia Blossom Dress includes sizes newborn to 12 years—a nice wide range. I decided to make one for my older daughter as she is getting close to growing out of many patterns and she needs new dresses (my last measurements for her were from May 2018!)

I combined two sizes, merging them at mid-torso, instead of using the slash and spread method as described in the Magnolia Blossom Dress pattern.

Clear and easy to understand

The instructions for the Magnolia Blossom Dress are quite clear and easy to understand. I also enjoyed that it suggested some different ideas (ie. Using the hem facing on the outside instead of the inside, two different flounce options) and it has pockets! I was going to skip them but then my daughter saw the pocket pattern piece and requested that her Magnolia Blossom Dress have pockets. So it does.

Overall I love the Magnolia Blossom Dress in its simplicity and the unique flounce. I do think the instructions regarding finishing the bodice facing could have been a little better—it doesn’t specify to hem the facing—just to finish the edges, and if I made it again, I’d definitely do hem it.

And, bonus—I actually made an invisible zipper invisible! Yeah!

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