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Hyacinth Moto Leggings- Reviewed by Ari

I live in leggings, seriously, i have quite the collection and i am firmly in the ‘leggings are pants’ team but also on the ‘wear whatever makes you feel good’ team too. I had a bunch of different fabrics i could have made these out of, but then i suddenly remembered a pair of jeans i made my oldest that had yellow knee patches and decided that I, too, needed a pair of Boba Fett inspired bottoms and used the Hyacinth Moto Leggings by Cucicucicoo patterns!

with star wars day rapidly approaching, may the fourth (be with you), and even though i have no shortage of star wars-inspired outfits to wear i did feel that making these were highly appropriate (and there are requests from two of the three kids to have a pair of their own)

Boba Fett inspired

i used some cute star wars knit fabric my son and i spotted and needed at spotlight a few months ago and right underneath it in my fabric stash was this yellow ribbed knit (it’s sturdier than ribbing) and some maroon knit too. Usually I used higher quality knits for my leggings, and this fabric was originally meant to be a shirt, but sometimes when inspiration hits you just can’t say no! The fabric features cute little versions of some of the main characters in the star wars universe – including greedo!  I emulated boba fett’s modified-mandalorian armour for the knee pads and threw in some maroon just to keep the colour scheme going.

Leggings are so easy to throw on and the hyacinth moto leggings are even easier to style since the motorcycle-pants inspired features make them more like pants and less than leggings (but just as comfy as leggings!). We don’t have any actual plans for May The Fourth this year apart from the usual movie marathon and star wars inspired snacks. I’m one hundred percent going to be chowing down on some Boba Fett-ucine in these!

Easy and straight forward

the hyacinth moto leggings i found also really easy and straightforward to sew. I didn’t really need to follow the instructions since i have made leggings & moto-inspired pants before but it’s also not difficult to put together! There are several lengths in this pattern as well regular rise leggings or, my personal favourite, high waisted! The high waist isn’t as high as i usually wear my leggings so when i sew these up again i will add another inch or two to the rise! There’s also a tutorial included on how to make the ridges on the thigh panel – a super cool feature!

You can get the pattern in the Spring ’19 Bundle. And don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win fabric you can use to sew up your bundle, more details here.

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hyacinth moto leggings

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  1. Oh my gosh, those look so awesome and such a fun way to style them!! 🙂 Lisa

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