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14 Sewing Patterns for Kids Halloween Costumes

We handpicked some patterns that you can use to make a variety of costumes. All you need is a little imagination and you can turn these patterns into an endless supply of costumes!

The direct links are below each pattern.

Some of these are affiliates, and some of these patterns are free! Yay!

Kids Costumes sewing patterns:

Alice in Wonderland pinafore dress sewing pattern
Easy Peasant Dress sewing pattern for costumes
Use this pattern to make a variety of princesses! Just change the color of the sleeves! Quick and easy.
Girl skirt sewing pattern for costumes
Pretty princess girls dress costume sewing pattern
Batty Bows for girls halloween costume
Wonderland Fairy, Dragon, Butterfly, Bat and Devil Wings Sewing Pattern
Princess Cinderella Ball Gown Sewing Pattern
Princess Belle costume sewing pattern
Super Kid cape sewing pattern

Trick or Treat Bags

Use these as a jumping-off point to make cute customized trick or treat bags! We really love the silhouettes of these sewing patterns. We picked bags that can hold a lot of candy and treats, and still easy for kids to open.

Imagine these in a solid color and with a cute design on it. Yasss.

Don’t see a pattern you need? Check out our favorite designers! They have a lot to offer!

Comment below with what you’re sewing this month! We want to know. 🙂

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